Beachcomber Boardshorts

I’m so behind on my blogging December was crazy for us. Both sides of my family headed overseas for White Christmases, My parents in-law to Europe and my Brother and Sister in law to New York and Canada. This meant we eneded up having 3 Christmases and Buddy’s birthday was in there as well. Cray Cray.

I did manage to squeeze in 3 pattern tests though *YAY* I ended up stitching this pattern up 4 times with another 2 cut out which I will be stitching up this week once I finish off the Christmas presents that I haven’t done yet (so behind).

IMG_2254 w

The Beachcomber Boardshorts from Bubby and Me Creations is PACKED full of options:

  • Knit or Woven (separate pattern pieces for each)
  • 4 waistband options – Elastic, Elastic with Tabs, Elastic with drawstring and a knit waistband
  • 6 different leg options on sizes 5-14 and 4 on sizes 1-4. 3 different lengths and either straight or racer sides

I ended up making 3 knit pairs and 1 pair of woven shorts – the fit is fabulous and even the shortest length (Chook is currently in a sz2) isn’t too booty short which is great for this rough and tumble never sit still little girl.

This version is the woven with elastic wasitband, straight leg and the longest length. This is one of my all time favourite prints ever from spotlight. From memory its just from their spots and stripes range but I brought a ton of it and i’m fairly sure its still available. I just can’t not smile when I use this print or Chook wears it.

IMG_2266 w

I only ended up with one decent shot of this version, knit version with knit wasitband, straight leg and longest length. We did all four outfits at the same time after swimming lessons and in my Grandmothers garden that is super fun to explore so she wasn’t having a bar of stand still and look at the camera please. This is a W Collections knit which I picked up in February last year.

The Cray Cray for Poppy shirt is from a local business in the Hunter Valley – Trending Tarvey 

She wears these 2 versions the most, knit with knit waistband, straight leg in the shortest length so quick and easy to throw on over swimmers or with a t-shirt and she’s ready to run and play again. They were super easy over our Christmas break between beach visits to. Both of these versions are made from custom 220gsm Cotton Lycra from The Material Girl Australia (there is a new pre-order round up at the moment which has sooo many gorgeous prints – closes 14th Jan). Swimmers are the M4M Lainey Pattern


Happy New Year

Kiaraleigh x


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