Rebecca Page Circle Cardi – Pattern Release

IMG_2592 w

I LOVE pattern testing – hubby not so much I always encounter oh I just need to duck to spotlight to get XYZ and end up spending wayy more than I should but in this case I needed NOTHING! The longest part of making this cardi was printing and taping together the pattern and choosing fabric.

If your fabric is wide enough I encourage you to cut it on the fold it makes sewing time just that bit quicker and helps with the dreaded stripe matching if your using a stripped fabric too.

I think this pattern took me all of 30 minutes to sew including pressing and getting my mum’s sewing machine out while we were there. You are going to need a sewing machine and overlocker (optional if you have one) to sew this one but the results are totally worth switching machines.

The first time Chook put it on it past the ‘twirl’ test too which is awesome less complaints about getting her into clothes 🙂

Go and grab the patterns while they are on sale: (sale ends 11.59pm GMT Monday 12th February 2018)




This is the longer length with band option in case you were wondering 😉




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