Breaking Ground with Miss Audrey

When the tour announcement and sign ups went up I panicked! Was I ready to join in on a blog tour? Would they kick me off because I'm not great at keeping up with the blogging (despite my best intentions) along with a myriad of other thoughts and doubts. But I jumped in regardless! The… Continue reading Breaking Ground with Miss Audrey


Rebecca Page Circle Cardi – Pattern Release

I LOVE pattern testing - hubby not so much I always encounter oh I just need to duck to spotlight to get XYZ and end up spending wayy more than I should but in this case I needed NOTHING! The longest part of making this cardi was printing and taping together the pattern and choosing… Continue reading Rebecca Page Circle Cardi – Pattern Release

Which Fabric do I use? And what the heck is drape? Knit Edition

When I first started sewing these were the main two questions I asked myself when starting a project and its not been until recently that I've really got it figured out. Knit fabrics in Australia is often confusing because the range at spotlight isn't great - it's slowly getting better but trying to find a… Continue reading Which Fabric do I use? And what the heck is drape? Knit Edition

Cleaning up my sewing space I have ekked out a sewing space in our dining/kitchen area; luckily this means I have one of the best views in the house; on the downside this also means that my "creative mess" is on display for all and sundry. Thankfully my hubby is fairly understanding of my sewing… Continue reading