Hi I’m Duck, I have 2 beautiful children, Miss 3 and Mr A, a wonderful (supportive) husband, 2 dogs and a cat.

I started sewing in October 2014 – after deciding that it would be a cheaper alternative to buying dribble bibs for my daughter ‘Chook’. I borrowed my mum’s old machine – which I had had a few lessons on when I was 7. I knew how to sew a semi-straight line and that was about it. I had no idea how to adjust tension, different fabric types, that sewing knit and woven fabrics required a slightly different skill set or how an overlocker even worked let alone ever touched one before.

Fast forward 2 years and I can confidently sew knit and woven and adjust patterns to suit. My biggest hurdle these days is too many projects planned and not enough time to sew.

My mother in-law bought me my first sewing machine for Christmas that year, an Elna, that I still use. My Mum bought me my overlocker for my birthday 2015 it sat largely untouched for a while until I figured out how to use it. I now LOVE it.

I started with simple garments for my daughter and progressed to more complicated and paid patterns during 2015. Both of my kids are taller and thinner than store bought clothing and Chook being toilet trained early only added to the problem. Being able to sew at least her “good” outfits meant that she had well fitting clothing that no-one else had and suited her personality.

I started sewing for myself while I was pregnant with Mr A, mostly pencil skirts, which is still my go to pattern, but started seriously sewing for myself in January 2017.

I love to share my love of sewing (and all craft really, I can also crochet and knit) but friends who don’t get it are fast becoming sick of my sewing talk. I’m hoping that this can become a space that I can share sewing, and not forget to show those who do actually care.

Duck x


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