Birthday Dress #1

This year is my 27th Birthday! (October 13th mark it on your calendar - Its black Friday this year) For the last few years my birthdays haven't been my usual look forward to the day for months in advance this year however I'm excited to celebrate my birthday with all my friends and family. On… Continue reading Birthday Dress #1


Mama Isabel Wrap Dress

Hands up who has those patterns that they keep making time and time again? I didn't realise just how many Mama Isabel's (aff link) I had made until I commented on a local sewing group just how many I had made already: maxi tulip hem - long sleeve knee length tulip hem - short sleeve… Continue reading Mama Isabel Wrap Dress

Cleaning up my sewing space I have ekked out a sewing space in our dining/kitchen area; luckily this means I have one of the best views in the house; on the downside this also means that my "creative mess" is on display for all and sundry. Thankfully my hubby is fairly understanding of my sewing… Continue reading